Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Alasan atau Standard?

Harta atau cinta? yang mana satu penting dalam hidup kita? Ada orang kata cinta tak boleh dibawa kemana-mana. Sekarang bukan macam dalam cerita P.Ramlee, kerana cinta sanggup bergadai nyawam lari ikut lelaki, tinggalkan keluarga. Tapi bukankah masih lagi ada dan sejarah tetap berulang. 

Some said you can't have it both, selalunya jika kita mengejar cinta, kemungkinan besar kita tidak akan mendapat orang yang benar2 beharta, dan kiranya kita mengejar harta, amatlah sukar untuk kita mendapat cinta yang sejati. Tapi wujud atau tidak cinta sejati sesama makhluk? yang pasti ada cinta sejati kepada Pencipta, dan itu pasti. 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wife is just like an Open Office?

After all this time I am using Microsoft Office software. yesterday I started a new day with free software (Open Office) ... before this I had to use the same software, but this time I intend to use it without coercion. Probably not too much if I say, sometimes something free is better than something that needs to be paid.

What is important I do not have to fear being sued by the authorities for using pirated software. Not only me, the present scenario shows widespread use of pirated software and imitate activities.

The story of free things better than the paid-up reminds me of the story of people who are married but still subscribe to a prostitute. They're willing to spend money for drawing temporary satisfaction, while beautiful beautiful wife waiting at home and hope for her husband work hard for the family.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Nik Aziz Sedia Isytihar Harta Kepada SPRM

KOTA BHARU: Menteri Besar Kelantan, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat bersedia mengisytiharkan hartanya kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) jika peraturan memintanya berbuat demikian. Beliau yang juga Mursyidul Am PAS berkata, isu pengisytiharan harta oleh semua penjawat awam, termasuk pemimpin kerajaan merupakan isu lama.

"Saya dan semua Exco Kerajaan Negeri boleh mengisytiharkan harta, jika peraturan mahu berbuat demikian," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan majlis penyampaian watikah pelantikan Penghulu dan Majlis Penghulu Mukim di Pusat Tarbiyah Islamiah Kelantan di sini, Ahad.

UMNO Belum Bersedia!!: Pakatan Tetap Berpeluang Menang?

Pagi tadi duduk sarapan bersama rakan.. dah lama tak berjumpa rakan sekampung... masing-masing dah berkeluarga dan ada tanggungan. 

Perbualan berkisar kepada beban yang ditanggung akibat kenaikan harga barang. Masakan tidak jika dulu setin susu pekat cuma RM1.75 tapi kini mana mungkin dapat kembali kepada harga tersebut, sekurang-kurangnya RM2.00.. 

Bercakap pasa tekanan kenaikan harga barang keperluan, timbul cerita tentang KR1M. Meskipun beliau merupakan ahli sebuah parti pembangkang, namun beliau menyambut baik langkah kerajaan memperkenalkan KR1M kepada rakyat yang mana langkah ini dapat mengurangkan beban rakyat dalam menanggung kos hidup yang semakin meningkat..

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Times New Roman: How it begin?

Stanley Morrison
Citing the Times New Roman, certainly many people who know. This character type is used as the standard typing letters in the world. His whereabouts widely known by people from various professions. However, as many of us who know the history of the creation of letters of this type of Times New Roman?

The letter was designed by an English named Stanley Morrison. He was born on May 6, 1889 in Wanstead, United Kingdom. Stanley grew as a figure that does not have knowledge of printing, but in later life he occupied many important positions in the world. Extensive knowledge in the case of typographical printing recovered since becoming a member of The Pelican Press.

God made him feel his love in a lot of reading religious books, even the first tipografinya paper also goes to church. Once out of The Pelican Press, he worked for Cloister Press in Manchester. Many of the best designs produced while he worked at this company. Again, his work reflects the background of many Catholic churches, it is shown in the illustrations and all kinds of decorations that they use. Because it is so hated the war, making it able to move antiperangnya jailed for four years (1914-1918).

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Khalid Ibrahim Lebih Amanah??: Mat Sabu...

Menjawab isu perlantikan Dr Ahmad Yunus sebagai Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor yang tidak diberikan porfolio Hal Ehwal Agama, Timbalan Presiden Pas Mat Sabu telah memberikan kenyataan beliau kepada Harakah Daily:
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20: Timbalan Presiden PAS, Haji Mohamad Sabu (gambar) berkata, bukan semestinya orang belajar agama sahaja yang boleh mengambil tugas Exco hal ehwal agama, tetapi perlukan seorang Muslim yang amanah, jujur dan ikhlas.

Lagipun, katanya, Pembantu Exco Hal Ehwal Agama adalah kekal dipegang Adun PAS iaitu Dr Shafei Abu Bakar (Bangi).
Beliau berkata demikian ketika menyokong hujah Ketua Penerangan PAS Pusat Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man dalam isu jawatan exco agama kerajaan Selangor.
Mungkin bagi Mat Sabu, jawatan pembantu exco itu amat besar kuasanya dan mampu untuk melangkaui kehendak Exco Hal Ehwal Islam. Namun harus kita ingat, biasanya jawatan pembantu ini hanya untuk memudahkan kerja-kerja Exco dan tidak memiliki sebarang kuasa memutus dalam peruntukan undang-undang. Oleh yang demikian, jawatan tersebut bukanlah sesuatu yang seharusnya dibanggakan dan dijadikan kayu pengukur penguasaan PAS dalam Hal Ehwal Islam di Selangor.

Friday, 20 January 2012

It's A Silly Issue!!...

Blogger and media freedom today has become a hot topic when the heat of bloggers Papagomo and his close allies Parpukari can not be controlled by the Media Unit of UMNO.

Salhan K Ahmad, who wrote the article tried to cite the statement made by Tun Faisal in respect of this issue. Unfortunately, his actions are trying to provoke and manipulate the issue are inaccessible when he was reproached by Tun Fisal.

Salhan questioned the reasonableness of the statements made by Tun Faisal about the inability to control these bloggers.

In principle, these bloggers known as a freelance writer as I am and not tied to any individual or political party in their writing. Therefore not surprising that Tun Faisal statement is not in contravention of what an independent blogger.

Siapa Ganti Dr Hassan Ali? Dr Ahmad Yunus Atau Khalid Ibrahim?

Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi Exco Bari Kerajaan Negeri Selangor 
Portfolio reshuffle Islamic Affairs held by the Selangor Assemblyman from PAS members are submitted to the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim of People's Justice Party (PKR) to prove the dignity of an Islamic party PAS has been stepped on.

PAS in the opposition's position is seen threatened, and portray the party's assemblymen in Selangor are not eligible to take such an important portfolio.

Passes need to explain to the public Is the the party is out of qualified candidates to hold the portfolio of Islamic Affairs until the position had to carried by the Chief Minister of Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. Why they did not defend the religion portfolio should be held by PAS, or PAS has no eligible candidates in the state hold that position? PAS should be to the front when not appointed executive council of the party candidates, the situation is so shocking and people getting confused by the policy.

Thinking On Your Feet: Staying cool under pressure

When you can translate your thoughts and ideas into coherent speech quickly, you ensure your ideas are heard. You also come across as being confident, persuasive, and trustworthy.

Confidence is key when learning to think on your feet. When you present information, give an opinion or provide suggestions, make sure you know what you are talking about and that you are well informed. This doesn't mean you have to know everything about everything, but if you are reasonably confident in your knowledge of the subject, that confidence will help you to remain calm and collected even if you are put unexpectedly in the hot seat.

The secret of thinking on your feet is to be prepared: learn some skills and tactics, and do some preparation for situations that might put you under pressure. Then when you do find yourself faced with unexpected questions and debate, you'll be ready to draw on these tactics and preparation, and so stay poised while you compose your thoughts and prepare your response. Here are some tips and tactics:

you have to be as relaxed as possible, in order for your voice to remain calm and for your brain to "think".

Islam is the way of life". What do you understand from the statement?

Islam guides from the cradle to the grave. The way of life of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) is the way of life of Islam. The 24 hours of life of the Prophet (PBUH) is the perfect model for the people to follow till the Dooms Day. His way of speech, his dressing, his dealing with the wives, the children and the people in general, his walking, his sitting, his sleeping, eating, his way in the lavatory while passing urine/stool and everything are model for us. His dealing as the ruler of the Islamic nation, as the judge, as the commander in chief of army, as head of his family etc. are all examples to follow.

As soon as a woman give birth to a baby, azan is recited on the right ear and iqamat is recited in the left ear of the baby. 'Tahneeq (chewed date, small quantity of honey etc.)' is given to the baby and the baby is given good name. After death, it is obligatory for the Muslims to pray salatul janaza for the dead before burial of the dead body. The dead body should be covered in three pieces of clothes as shown by the Prophet (PBUH).

Islam is from Allah, The Creator and Sustainer of all that exists. As such, it is for Him Alone to command and direct His creation and He Alone is responsible for what He will accept and what He will not accept. It is also for Him Alone to decree what is good and what is bad and He must be the One to show the right path in all things.

Pas Perlu Kembali Kepada Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah

Hassan Ali, Ex-Exco DUN Selangor, dipecat serta merta sebagai ahli PAS pada tanggal 8/1/2012. Dengan pemecatan beliau sebagai ahli PAS, Menteri Besar selangor telah mengambil keputusan untuk melepaskan beliau dari jawatan Exco Hal Ehwal Islam, Insfrastruktur dan Kemudahan Awam Selangor pada 13/1/2012. Dengan pemecatan tersebut, Dr Ahmad Yunos dilantik menggantikan Dr Hassan Ali semalam 18/1/2012.

Mungkin masih ramai yang terkejut dengan pemecatan Dr. Hassan Ali, namun tidak kurang juga yang terkedu apabila portfolio yang sebelum ini dipegang oleh Dr. Hassan Ali tidak diserahkan kepada ADUN Pas, tetapi disandang oleh YAB Menteri Besar Selangor. Dr Ahmad Yunos hanya diberikan portfolio menjaga Adat Resam, Belia dan Sukan. Tindakan ini seperti membelakangkan PAS yang dilihat memperjuangkan islam dan cubaan untuk mentalkinkan perjuangan islam PAS.. 

Senario ini tidak hanya berlaku di Selangor. Di Pulau Pinang Salleh Man, satu-satunya ADUN PAS tidak langsung diberikan jawatan atau kedudukan dibawah pimpinan Guan Eng walaupun sebelum itu Salleh Man diwar-warkan akan diletakan sebagai Exco Hal Ehwal Islam dan Pengerusi Majlis Agama Islam Pulau Pinang. Malangnya janji hanya tinggal janji.

Is there a justice? Saiful Bukhari, Last day of Appeal...

Tomorrow is the last day to file an appeal for Saiful sodomy. Some people think that when Anwar was found not guilty, then the fault is Saiful Bukhari. But as Anwar advocated in respect of the courts and legal transparency in Malaysia, the court's decision is still not final until the results of the appeal filed by Saiful Bukhari. To date there is no voices either for or against the appeal.

In this context we can see whether the extent of transparency of government and NGOs who fought for Saiful to continue the struggle in ensuring homosexual agenda has no place in Malaysia. Maybe the government after the absence of Dr Mahathir giving too much face to the Bar Council, or non-governmental organizations that openly 'prostitute' themselves to certain political parties and their openness in destroying the sovereignty and national security ...

Finally, we see how fundamental in shaping the country as enshrined in the federal constitution abolished one by one ... Although Islam has been enshrined in the constitution, but today more and more people are not Muslims bold to question the propriety of placing pelembagaan Islam as official religion. Similarly, the sovereignty of the Malay rulers and the rights of the Malays who have agreed through the social contract before independence and the formation of Malaya and Malaysia.

Today there are Muslim leaders who reject other Islamic leaders who tried to fight for the Islamic Sharia, just because the leaders acting decisively against those who do not respect Islam as the official religion. Such leaders dismissed and the dismissal was not done by those who are accused of being a secular state, but by a government that put Islam as a platform.

Today, there are Islamic leaders who tried to repeal the sodomy law is alleged to have outdated and no longer relevant. The proposal also comes from a new leader who is released from the charge of sodomy, as a result of the prosecution's mistake in getting the DNA to serve as evidence in the trial of the case. Sometimes wondered whether the court for politicians? Those who have an influence? What would happen to people? Do Saiful Bukhari has taken care of his fate?

There is also the Chairman of the Sacred Society who is not afraid to threaten the government because she knows, the government will remain at his command for fear called not liberal.

Today we can see Malay students which preoccupied with the political street, illegal assembly without thinking that they should focus on education as non-Malay students. Their political blackmailing the government with atrocities allegedly prejudicial to freedom of expression by students. Each law has the advantage that sometimes we can not see in the short term. Students should have which maturity of thought and not excessive in thinking, sometimes their actions are seen as people who is not educated through the reckless actions. They are seen easily seduced by propaganda, while these people are educated and successful in education. But unfortunately this level of thinking like a student does not have a quality called tertiary students.

In conclusion, we can see many suggestions were made to return the country to the Days of Ignorance which is not restricted by law. Certainly those who became Ignorance does not feel guilty because they want freedom like animal who do not ashamed of nudity. They feel that people comply with or be bound by the laws of Islam as a rigid or not to follow the time.

Starting A New Blog...

After a while I did not write any articles or features, probably because of busy managing a few things. I thought to go back to write, and maybe this will give me more time to think about the environment and the history of life has been my predicament ...

Shaping people's minds is not an easy task. We need the ability to interact and provide a clear understanding of current issues and problems.

Maybe for some, what is being done by bloggers is just a waste of time and do not bring any results. But for a visionary writer and has a maturity of thought, they did not think about material gain, but is more concerned with writing contributions to society and how they can give or impart ideas in the minds of the community.

I will not matter if no one wants to read these writings. Importantly, the aim of delivering implemented and if the writing is a a good purpose, then there will be rewards in the sight of God.


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